Meeting of the Minds

Published March 17, 2014 by judithbshields

It was my honor to speak at Gulf Coast Mensa for their “Meeting of the Minds”, an occasional event which focuses on case studies from individuals in the community.

From the InforMensa issue March 2014:

“Event: Meeting of the Minds

Description: The very talented Judith Shields, creator of the last years’ locally produced, full length movie: “Frankenstein’s Monster – A Light Steampunk Adaptation of Mary Shelly’s Franken-stein”, will tell us why and how she brought it to be and give us some insight into the creative pro-cesses, the organizational challenges, the diffi-culties and joys of moviemaking. This work will be released summer 2014 – read about it at http:// or http://www.facebook. com/steampunkfrankenstein.”

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