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Welcome to the official website for Judith B. Shields!

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I am a cross-genre filmmaker, screenwriter and author for historical, sci-fi, light fantasy and NA topics. In the fable tradition, my goal is to publish stories with an a moral ending.


 My feature film:

 Frankenstein’s Monster (2013–feature film at 108 minutes) is a steampunk-light adaptation of Mary Shelley’s masterpiece.


Sequence 02.Still019-b

Ever since I was five, I have always wished to create films. It is an amazing experience to see this dream come alive. I’m very thankful for everyone who has been involved.

Click on the below photo for the project’s facebook page. Please support this film by First Step Cinematics LLC as it travels the independent film circuit in 2013-2014.

www.steampunkfrankenstein.com  will update when/where the film will be competing. As of Summer, 2013, this film has been completed.

   MVI_0365.MOV.Still002           Frankenstein Poster 2--Laurels

 My other projects:

   The Legend of the Starfish has been released and is available on amazon for colored e-readers only. This is a children’s picture book for 1st-3rd graders.

Twice Reborn: A Vampire’s Story will be released in 2014. This is a YA vampire story.

twice reborn cover

Future manuscript to be released 2015: ELLANA:  Copyrighted.  Texana Historical Fiction.

Thanks for visiting my site.


  1. I can’t wait to read The Legend of the Starfish, and share it with my students !

  2. neither can i wait!

  3. Beautiful cover! I wish my cheap Kindle could show it in color.

  4. The book is fabulous !!
    I am so excited to ready this to my students. Job well done !!!
    When is the next children’s book?

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